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Formula 1

Formula 1 High Performance Auto Care Products

Formula 1 Auto Care Products offer a solution to every auto cleaning and protecting need. Inside or outside, Formula 1 will help you clean, shine and protect your vehicle with products that are fast and easy to use.

The Formula 1 brand offers a full line of High Performance products featuring Carnauba Wax technology as well as the all new Supreme Protection line featuring Advanced Crosslink Polymer Technology.

Use Formula 1 for the longest lasting shine and protection.


  • Fast and Effective at removing stubborn grime, iron powder, industrial dust and paint damages easily
  • Amazing results for large area detailing and the time saving
  • Best replacement for inconvenient rubbing compound or traditional clay bar products.
  • 100% Made in Taiwan!!! Award-Winning & Internationally Patented!!!
  • Supports all color coating!!!
  • Essential preparation product before coating and waxing!!!
  • Removes iron powder just within 10 minutes, leaves the paint smooth and clean!!!


This product is a powerful cleaning agent and a glass coat remover. It can polish the glass surface exceptionally clean and remover such as industrial pollution, sulfide, acid rain, water mineral coagulation and minor scratches. It can bring the glass back the original brightness.

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