Best Auto Car Care Producer


Introduce imports of various automotive products covers from chemical supplies in detailing, perfume, automotive care protectants and solutions and many other detailing tools.  We provide consumers top quality of products with reasonable price. The availability has been sold all over Taiwan with consumer’s satisfaction guarantee. KYOEI will be your best car care products wholesale suppliers.



  • Shipping

    We can provide national shipping by truck or rail.We have moved many a shipment of auto parts from Dallas Tx to all points north and south. From Detroit to Mexico …. all in a days work.

  • Procurement

    Let us know what you need.We are in constant contact with all the major Automotive Manufacturers and sub providers, searching for excess inventories , over-runs and bulk surplus auto parts. We bring exceptional price value to customers.

  • Export

    We will help arrange all necessary components for global exportation of our auto parts surplus.We can guide you through the process and assist with port agents and export licensing.

  • Auto Parts

    Midwest has built long term relations with our bulk surplus suppliers of Automotive parts.  We pass along to our customers the ability to procure surplus parts at cost effective prices. Call us we can help.