Vanguard Story

VANGUARDWAX, a reliable car detailing supplies wholesale, has been established in Osaka City, Japan. We are dedicated to developing leading auto care and wholesale car detailing products. With sophisticated research equipment and top formula productions, KYOEI TRADING has been exclusively introduced to Taiwan. We have introduced exclusively advanced formulas and utilized various products. Presenting the most advanced wholesale auto detailing products and wholesale car cleaning products to satisfy the highest standard requested by auto care professionals and recreational users in auto care detailing and cleaning.

Since KYOEI TRADING has been authorized by VANGUARDWAX to sell a series of products in Taiwan, car ‘Glass Scale Remover’ and car ‘Porcelain Glaze Wax’ are technically collaborated and developed by Japan and Taiwan. These two items are becoming trending products on the Internet. As well as the patented CLAY-U serial car cleaning clay bar. They are our hot sale items in lots of countries such as China, Japan and so on. If you are looking for high-quality wholesale car detailing products, we may be your ideal supplier!



  • Shipping

    We can provide national shipping by truck or rail.We have moved many a shipment of auto parts from Dallas Tx to all points north and south. From Detroit to Mexico …. all in a days work.

  • Procurement

    Let us know what you need.We are in constant contact with all the major Automotive Manufacturers and sub providers, searching for excess inventories , over-runs and bulk surplus auto parts. We bring exceptional price value to customers.

  • Export

    As a dependable car detailing supplies wholesale, we will help arrange all necessary components for the global exportation of our auto parts surplus, and guide you through the process and assist with port agents and export licensing.

  • Auto Parts

    Midwest has built long term relations with our bulk surplus suppliers of Automotive parts.  We pass along to our customers the ability to procure surplus parts at cost effective prices. Call us we can help.

Become Partners

If you are interested in selling VANGUARD wholesale car detailing products in your regions, get in touch with us!