Product Name : VANGUARD Porcelain Glaze Wax All Color Car
Product Description
  • Made from the premium carnauba wax ingredient
  • The result is twice better than conventional car wax!
  • enable to form a hard, glossy and closed protective thin ¬film with brilliant shine like porcelain
  • provide the car with up to 120 days multi-purposes protection.
  • Incredible super water repellency.
  • Can be cleaned together for untreated black plastic parts. No white powdery residue.
  • for auto car care for all professional and car lovers.

Model No.

  • RH-5070


  • 4717954990702


  • 200g


  • Taiwan


  • 12
  • Wash the car thoroughly and wipe dry
  • Apply some wax on applicator pad ,apply the wax in a circular motion
  • Do one section in a time
  • Use a clean .soft microfiber cloth to wipe the surface to high gloss as in mirror effect.
  • Product name:Vanguard Porcelain Glaze wax-all color car
  • Ingredients: Brazilian N0.1 carnauba wax,sealant, polymeric fiber sealant ,brightening agent,anti-UV solution,solvent
  • Capacity:200g
  • Origin:Made In Taiwan
  • Use it under the cool and shade with good ventilation.
  • Please wear gloves when apply it if skin sensitives or need to use for long time.
  • Please seek doctor immediately and do not force to emetic if ate the product accidentally.