(The red circle is the focus of "iron powder")

Drivers who often DIY washing their own car will feel rough if they touch the car paint after washing the car.
Oh my god ! Didn’t I just finish washing the car?
What are the impurities stuck on the car body? And what method should be used to remove it?
Do NOT be scared, panic! We are going to share the most practical iron removal methods immediately.

The most vulnerable parts of the car, except for the windshield that can’t resist the impact test, the car body paint is also a very important part to focus on. Because it has been tested by the environment since we bought it. Especially there are many substances on the road will cause car paint damage such as water spots, bird droppings, acid rain, insect corpses, fruit juice and so on when we are driving.

If it is not cleaned in time, it will greatly reduce the practicality and protection of the paint. Apart from the above tests, there is another serious problem - iron powder.

How much damage does iron powder do on the car paint?

Iron powder is very easy to adhere to the surface on the car paint, and it is difficult to clean thoroughly with water or car wash foam. If the iron powder is not removed in time, after sun exposure and acid rain erosion prolonged, it will oxidize into yellowish brown iron powder and rust spots, and gradually penetrate into the interior of the paint then slowly corroding the car paint!

Paint will lose its luster, fade, and deteriorate then it will be very difficult to take care of your car surface. What is more serious is that the car paint may not be repaired and only to redo the sheet metal and repaint.


The first thing to understand what the main reason that cause the iron powder on the car paint. The tar, iron powder, insect corpses or other impurities?

The serious phenomenon of the iron powder adhesion that is the car paint will have obvious grainy feel when touching. The car wash foam cannot completely remove it. The use of asphalt remover is also helpless. Although the iron powder remover on the market will have purple liquid flowing out, the effect seems to be limited. If we use it to remove only few parts of the particles, it cannot remove completely.

Now, there are some useful and practical ways to remove iron powder. Please see following methods as below.

  1. Wash the body thoroughly.
  2. Take out the magic CLAY cloth, gloves, sponge, etc. with the clean water, and gently wipe the whole car.
  3. The iron powder on the car body will be disappeared instantly, and the car paint became smooth.

Do you feel happy when car paint will not feel grainy? Then the following maintenance is to use protective wax or polymer sealant spray.

What is Magic CLAY tools?

1. The patented nano-technology from Taiwan combines nano-level special ingredients with ultra-fine fiber cloth to maximize the effect of beautiful CLAY.

2. Increase the treatment area and speed up the descaling speed. It has amazing cleaning effect. It can easily remove long-term accumulation of dirt, iron powder, industrial dust, tar and other pollution. After that, the surface of the car paint become smooth.

3. The size are in a great ergonomic design that makes the operation become easy to get started. The water can be used to slow down the friction of the car surface and replace the inconvenience by using traditional car CLAY BAR in the past.


How to use Magic CLAY tools?

1. It is not necessary to dry the car body after washing it thoroughly. Because the dust and mud might still stay on the car paint.

2. Fully soak the Magic CLAY towels, gloves or sponges with clean water or car wash foam, and gently wipe the whole car (including the glass).


3. The Magic CLAY cloths, gloves or sponges can be moistened and lubricated at any time when using and can be avoid the scratches on the car paint.

4. After the whole vehicle is clean, rinse the body with clean water.


5. After drying the whole car, you can apply wax or polymer sealant to do paint maintenance.

What do we need to focus on when using Magic CLAY tools?

  1. It is strictly prohibited to mix with petrochemical cleaners such as asphalt cleaners or emulsion wax.
  2. Do not use excessive force to wipe the paint. It can easily produce fine lines and scratch marks.
  3. If you use Magic CLAY that makes fine lines, it would be better to use emulsion wax to remove.
  4. Magic CLAY tools are prohibited by placing in the environment over 40-degree heat for a long time.
  5. Please avoid operating under the sun.
  6. If the surface of Nano Magic CLAY tools have serious pollution, replace it with a new one immediately to prevent not to scratch your car paint surface.
  7. After use, it can be dried in a cool place and stored in its special blister.

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  • Do not mix with petrochemical cleaners
  • Do not wipe the paint surface with excessive force
  • It is strictly forbidden to place in high temperature for a long time
  • If the Magic CLAY surface is polluted, please replace it with a new one