DIY car players must often think that if there is a car maintenance product that can remove the dirt and dust easily on the car body and let the car glossy last for 3 to 6 months without fading. How good should it be ?

In the past, there are not many ways to achieve it effectively to achieve this goal except the regular car washing and car waxing maintenance. However, the development of science and technology is improving nowadays. The car care products have made huge progress.

Today, our main character "DEEP GLOSS Super Hydrophobic Polymer Sealant Spray" is an epoch-making product that can easily remove the dirt from on the car without remaining and maintain shiny and glossy. Wait, don’t be impulsive! Please go and buy it after reading this article!

What is the Polymer Sealant Spray?

The main component of the Polymer Sealant is Nano polymer interwoven polymer, acrylic acid (also known as acrylic material), With strong penetration, it can form a protective film between the paint surface and the air and protect the car paint from the environmental acidic substances, UV rays, oxides and pollutants at the same time.

You will be very satisfied of the protective timeliness and stable water repellent effect that only need 1/3 of the waxing time.


Why do we use the Polymer Sealant Spray?

The advantage of the sealant is to isolate the paint from the outside air and contaminants. Because it has good durability, you will need to wash your car thoroughly or use Clay Towel before operating it. Make sure there are no impurities or contaminants left on the paint.

At the same time, it can also provide strong protection of the paint surface, and it is water resistant for acid rain corrosion, ultraviolet radiation and bird droppings.

What is the durability of Polymer Sealant?

The durability of the polymer sealant can be maintained around 6 months. Due to the different formulations, it can also be effectively protected for up to 12 months.

Polymer sealant is unlike car beauty wax that can adjust the different pH of washing rinsing. It will become less effective when it meets the air pollutants day by day.


How to distinguish the glossy effect is less effective?

The length of durability is determined by the combined factors of car wash frequency and driving environment.

You do NOT need to worry about the polymer sealant is being invalid when using normally.

As long as you have a good habit of maintaining your car regularly. Just rinse your car with a water column then you can see the effect of water repellency. If the water repellent effect and the complete waterdrop are full and mellow, it means the effect is still present on your car. On the other hand, if the water repellent is gone, the speed of water is slower and the waterdrop is remaining on the car. It means the glossy effect is gradually weakened.


3 construction methods of Polymer Sealant

The following ways are completely cleaned and the car body is in wet condition for all the cars.

1. High-pressure water column washing method

After the car is cleaned, the polymer sealant is sprayed directly on the entire car. Every place on the car needs to spray about 5-10 times (depends on the size of surface area). Then spray in a clockwise or counter-clockwise way around the car body. After spraying, do NOT wipe and use the high-pressure water gun directly to rinse.


Fast, time-saving and save energy.


Fast consumption of Polymer Sealant Spray, less time for paint absorbing and may have uneven paint brightness generated.

2. Sponge wiping method

After car wash, take polymer sealant spray on one hand and a wet sponge on another hand. Spray 3-5 times for each place. Apply evenly after spraying, wait for about 1 minute then rinse with low pressure water.


The composition of the sealant can effectively penetrate into the paint surface and less dosage.


The construction time is longer.


3. Construction method of microfiber cloth

Prepare a bucket of water and several microfiber cloths. After spraying the whole car body, wait for about 1 minute and wipe with wet cloth. Then use a slightly damp cloth to absorb remaining water.


Save money and water.


It needs to wipe back and forth, which takes more time and the elimination rate of microfiber cloth is higher.

Q&A time

Should the sealant be used before or after waxing?

A : The Polymer Sealant can be used after waxing. In addition, you can extend the next waxing time. It can also increase the gloss of the paint and all parts of the car. If you want to do double layers on the car for strong protection, you can also spray the polymer sealant after waxing or coating.

Can the polymer sealant spray be used when the body is dry?

A : No matter the body is dry or wet, the sealant can be used directly. Just spray it and remember to wipe it with clean fiber cloth.

Is the use of polymer sealant spray restrict for the car color?

A : Regardless of the light-colored or dark-colored car, you can use the sealant spray to maintain your car. Even the matte finish paint is also suitable.

What should be paid attention to when using the polymer sealant spray?

A : The temperature of Car body sheet metal cannot be too high. You need to use polymer sealant spray under the shelter environment. As well as to avoid excessive adhesion of impurities on the car body when you are in the direct sunlight at strong winds surroundings.

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