I have received so many private messages from DIY car players recently. They want to know the difference of the ‘Porcelain Glaze Wax, Water Repellent Coating and Polymer Sealant Spray’

In recent months, the weather has been changing a lot. In order to maintain the gloss and protection of the car, all kinds of our VANGUARDWAX car care products are popular for car maintenance!

The following is the comparison chart of ‘Porcelain Car Glaze Wax, Water Repellent Coating and Polymer Sealant Spray’.

1. Porcelain Glaze Wax


2. Water Repellent Coating

3. Polymer Sealant Spray


1. Waxing ≠ Coating

Waxing provides dazzling gloss and protection of the car body. The water repellent coating is a good foundation for car body paint. The polymer sealant spray provides better water resistance and durability of the car surface.

DIY car players can choose suitable products according to their car washing needs and habits.

2. The recommendation is to apply the porcelain glaze wax first and then use the polymer sealant spray (double protection & double effectiveness)

Since porcelain glaze wax made polymeric molecule and form a hard-protective layer. Then polymer sealant spray enhances the car gloss and strengthen the water repellency with the antifouling effect again.

※Taiwan belongs to an island climate with diverse weather patterns. No matter what product you choose to protect your car, regular maintenance is very important to make your car shine!

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