I get up early on holidays to wash my car at the DIY self-service car wash place. I rinsed the car body, removed the iron powder, and also dried the car for more than two hours. What? You said you forgot to wax! Because I was ready to read this article for knowing RIGHT WAXING METHOD. In addition, wrong waxing process for the car paint protection is NONE and useless!

To away from the following seven waxing NG behaviors:

NG.1 ─ Directly wax without car washing.

If the dust on the car body is not rinsed thoroughly, not only affect the waxing effect but also scratch the car paint.


Use Magic Clay tools to remove the excess iron powder on the car body after washing the car body thoroughly. After drying the car body, prepare a high-density waxing sponge and detailed waxing cloth to start the waxing operation.


(Make sure to wash the dirt on the car body before waxing!)


(Absolutely avoid waxing under the sun!)

NG.2 ─ Waxing under the sun.

When waxing under the sun, you will find that the wax just solidified quickly into a thin film. In addition, it is easy to leave wax shadows on the car paint surface. It is also very laborious when waxing. Moreover, when you are in the strong sand beside the road for waxing, it tends to let the dust stick onto the car paint. As a result, you will feel like using the sandpaper to rubbing the vehicle body and you will definitely regret it!


You can choose a place covered by shadows, or an environment with little dust in the evening for waxing your car.

NG.3 ─ Wax layer is too thick:

Too much car wax just increases the difficulty of waxing. As well as it is like wasting the wax. It will also form wax shadows on the car paint surface.


(Do NOT pour so much wax on the small blocks for waxing!)


(Correct amount for pouring the wax)


Wax on the sponge may be four dots and can be divided into many small blocks on the car body for waxing. In order not to waste the wax, it does NOT cause difficulty when finish waxing.

NG.4 ─ Only use the machine for waxing operation and finish waxing:

When we choose the machine for waxing, they are often required to clean the dirt or polish. Using the machine to wax on or wax off the car may cause unpredictable damage on the car paint due to the high speed of the machine or the selection of the wrong sponge.


In fact, we can use the manual method to wax on and wax off then operate in the direction of the car body by select the good wax products. In addition, operating by hands can protect the car paint and help you understand your car better.


(It is not necessary to use the machine for dirty removal and polishing.)


(Except waxing in the circle pattern, a straight-line waxing may work well too.)

NG.5 ─ Apply wax only by drawing a circle:

If only waxing scribble on the sheet metal or waxing for circle pattern on the car paint, where it may cause the uneven grains. Furthermore, waxing required waiting time to wait the wax was solidified then use the cloth to wipe off.


Waxing can be operated with a straight line in the same direction. Also, it can reduce the production of grain and also let the rain fall down along with and waxing direction. Besides, do NOT finish waxing immediately and take the wax cloth to wipe off for saving the time or effort. It just waste time and will not get any significant effects afterwards.

NG.6 ─ Apply wax on the non-painted areas:

If we do not avoid waxing on the non-painted areas may cause white spots on following bad situations like ‘atomizing headlight, windshield and wiper strips will not clean and oil film produced’.


To avoid waxing on the wiper strips, plastic parts, windshield, headlights and other non-painted surface that is because it will not increase gloss and produce fog and oil film. When waxing, it is best to take a small range of operations to avoid the wax accidentally "injuring" other parts of the car body.


(To avoid waxing exterior plastic parts of the car, so that it may not cause white spots.)


(Make sure to clean the used wax sponge.)

NG.7 ─ Sponge and cloth are not cleaned after waxing:

If the waxed sponge and wax cloth are not cleaned immediately after waxing. The wax on the top will solidify and become difficult to clean. The dust and impurities from the sponge and cloth may bring scratches on the car body paint next time.


The wax sponge and wax cloth need to be soaked in dilute detergent and scrub to clean so that the remaining wax on the wax sponge and wax cloth can be dissolved.

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