The car windshield is a difficult part of car to maintain. Exhaust gas from the vehicles, water spots on the road or residue from the car beauty products are easy to remain on the car windshield after long years with the insolation from the sun. Then it will form an ‘oil film’ that cannot be removed. As a result, it is hard to scrape raindrop on the glass and the wiper will shake when using. It still makes blurred sight even if the wipers adjust to the fastest. To remove the oil film is what we need to do at this time. Otherwise the driving safety will also be affected.

How to use the oil film agent to remove grease on the glass?

1. Rinse the glass with clean water and keep the glass slightly wet.


2. Pour an appropriate amount of oil film remover on the microfiber cloth and apply it in a small area by drawing concentric circles.

3. Rinse it with clean water and dry with absorbent cloth.


What should I prepare for the glass oil film remover?

Suitable glass oil film agent, microfiber cloth, absorbent cloth and clean water.

Benefits of glass oil film remover:

  1. Thoroughly remove the stubborn rain scale and oil film on the glass.
  2. To prevent the car wiper shaking and abnormal sound generated.
  3. Enhance the performance of car wiper and service life.
  4. Will not scratch the glass!

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Do you think the glass maintenance will be completed after removing the oil film on the glass? Of course, it's not that simple! You need to use a glass water repellent coating on the clean windshield to form a protective layer. The water repellent effect from the water repellent coating is used by chemical molecules to fill the glass capillaries and then form the protective layer on it. When the raindrop touches the glass surface, water drops will be formed immediately and slide down.

How to use glass water repellent coating?

1. Pour an appropriate amount of glass water repellent coating on the sponge and apply it on the windshield back and forth in a tic-tac-toe pattern.

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2. Wait for 5~8 minutes after the glass water repellent coating is dried and completed. Then wipe the windshield with microfiber cloth until it is bright.

What should I prepare for the glass water repellent coating?

Suitable glass water repellent coating, wiping sponge and microfiber cloth.

The benefits of glass water repellent coating:

  1. It is not necessary to open the wiper when driving at speed, which can let the raindrops slide down naturally and keep your sight clearly.
  2. The water repellent coating with antifouling functions so that the dirt, oil film is not easily adsorbed on the glass.
  3. When using the car wiper, it will become smooth moving and increase its service life.

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The clean windshield not only keeps the car owner in the clear sight, but also increases the safety and security of driving.

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