Product Name : CLAY-U Speed Car Clay Sponge
Product Description
  • Fast and Effective at removing stubborn grime, iron powder, industrial dust and rough paint easily.
  • Amazing results for large area detailing and the time saving
  • Best replacement for inconvenient rubbing compound or traditional clay bar products.
  • 100% Made in Taiwan!
  • Award-Winning & Internationally Patented
  • Supports all color coating!
  • Essential preparation product before coating and waxing!
  • Removes iron powder just within 10 minutes, leaves the paint smooth and clean! For more specs of wholesale car cleaning products, please feel free to contact Vanguard.

Model No.

  • B6304


  • 4717954990917


  • 7×11×4.5cm


  • Taiwan


  • 24
  • Wash your car thoroughly to remove as much of the dirt, grime, and other contaminants from the surface as possible.
  • Soak wet CLAY-U Clay Sponge thoroughly with water or car washing liquid and easily scrub the car (including the glass).
  • While using make sure the sponge is soaked wet and washed in water to avoid scratches to the paint
  • It is more effective to use both sides of the sponge. Wash the car with water when you are done scrubbing.
  • Scuff marks or water spots will disappear after waxing.
  • Start waxing when the car is completely dry.
  • Product Name:CLAY-U Speed Clay Sponge
  • Size:7*11*4.5 cm
  • Expiration date: Permanently if stored well in cool and dark conditions
  • Material: Nano polymer gel. Microfiber cloth. Sponge
  • Origin : Taiwan
  • Do not use with petroleum based cleaners ( such as asphalt cleaners or finishing wax)
  • Please use gently to scrub the car to avoid causing scratches.
  • Once a scratch is caused, please apply finishing wax to remove it.
  • Do not place this product at high temperature of 40℃ and above.
  • Avoid using on sheet metal parts under high temperature environment
  • Once the product surface gets over dirty, please change to a new one to avoid causing damage to the car paint