Product Name : Car Wash Club Super Popular Japanese Style Static Duster
Product Description
  • Patented mesh yarn. Enhanced quality and soft texture.
  • Stronger decontamination ability than general dust mites.
  • Do not scratch the surface of the appliance, and do not easily lose hair.
  • Static effect to absorb and hold dust when wipes.
  • Good for Home use and for car.


  • J8063


  • 4715759080635


  • 66cm(±5%)


  • Taiwan

Carton no

  • 100
  • Can be used directly
  • Product: Car Wash Club - Super Popular – Japanese style Static Duster
  • Size: 66cm (±5%)
  • Material: PP mesh yarn, aluminum alloy, plastic
  • Origin: Taiwan
  • It can be washed repeatedly when it is dirty, then store in a cool place to dry.
  • Do not place directly under the sun to avoid product damage.
  • Store it in a cool and ventilated place.