Product Name : Vanguard Ergonomic Grip And Sponge Set Rib Handle
Product Description
  • Velcro adhesive design. No worry of sponge fall-off.
  • Precisely instructing to accurately fit on the paint surface. Convenient and fast.
  • High efficiency and easy operation for left and right hands. Great for waxing with ergonomic non-slip grip. Easy to use with one hand. Tail open design. Space saver for storage.

Model No.

  • RH-3001


  • 4717954992836


  • Grip x1、Sponge x2


  • ABS、High density polyurethane sponge


  • Attach the handle with the sponge. Use it with wax and hold the grip for waxing.
  • Product name:Ergonomic Grip and Sponge set-Rib handle
  • Material:ABS、High density polyurethane sponge
  • Content:Grip x1、Sponge x2
  • Shelf life:Normal use for permanent storage.
  • Do not throw the product to people directly to avoid injury.
  • Please recycle according to the environmental recycling regulations.
  • Do not burn. If use other than instructed, please carefully evaluate the safety.