Product Name : Vanguard Rearview Mirror Adhesive
Product Description
  • Exclusive adhesive for rearview mirror. Designed for tropical weather, stand for high temperature. Strong glue. Fast and Convenient.
  • DIY works well.
  • Application: Specialized in glass and metal bonding
  • Only takes 1-2 mins for bonding.
  • Suitable for bonding of rearview mirror, telephone, radio antenn

Model No.

  • RH-5024


  • 4717954990788


  • A:0.6ml/B:0.6ml


  • Taiwan
  • Make sure the base and the part to be glued are cleaned without grease residue before applying.
  • Take Tube A and snap the inner glass tube to open it. (Do not take out the cotton)
  • Take off protective case, soak wet the cotton with Tube A solution then apply evenly on the rearview mirror joint (The picture shown was retractable rearview mirror, if it is a fixed mirror please apply the adhesive to the joint)
  • Followed by apply Tube B.
  • Adhere the rearview mirror on the windshield. Only lightly tap to fixated and let go when it’s steadily adhered.
  • Leave it to dry for one minute then drive as usual.
  • Product name:Formula 1 Microfiber Drying Towel
  • A:Activator:.0.6ml/B:Adhesive:0.6ml
  • Origin:Made In Taiwan
  • Use it under the cool and shade with good ventilation.
  • Please wear gloves when apply it if skin sensitives or need to use for long time.
  • Please seek doctor immediately and do not force to emetic if ate the product accidentally.