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As one of the leading car wax suppliers, Vanguard Car Detailing & beauty products are included Porcelain Glaze Wax, Viscount Wax, and Marquess Wax and they all made with our highest grade Brazilian T1 Carnauba materials and our Exclusive Protective Formula. We have various maintenance series of wax products that can obtain high gloss, antifouling, and strong water repellent protection on car paint for a long time. Our serial products not only provide the top gloss and color on the car but also protect the paint from UV rays, dust, dirt, bird droppings, insect corpses, and other road dirt. DIY car wash players can easily choose the car wax that suits their own operating habits! If encountering problems while choosing which auto wax to use, or want to get more wholesale car detailing products, welcome to contact your reliable car wax manufacturers for help!