(This is the oil film on the windshield that causes blurred driving vision.)

On a rainy day, you suddenly find a foggy windshield. Congratulations! You are about to change a new windshield Just joking! In fact, it is time to remove the glass oil film.
You will feel a bright light in front of you after removing it. Do you want to drive a car around the island like this? Does your windshield have water repellent protection? What is the water repellent? Can it be eaten? Absolutely not!!!
Water Repellent can allow light to pass through the glass and give you clear sight when driving at night. It effectively prevents dirt adhesion, so that the wiper can run smoother.

Exhaust gas from the vehicles, water spots on the road or residue from the car beauty products are easy to remain on the car windshield after long years with the insolation from the sun. Then it will form an ‘oil film’ that cannot be removed. As a result, it is hard to scrape raindrop on the glass and the wiper will shake when using. It still makes blurred sight and affects driving safety.

Many people know how to remove the oil film from the windshield. However, how to use the glass oil film remover is not yet known. A good windshield degreasing film product can completely remove stubborn rain stains and oil film on the glass and will not scratch the glass. It can also prevent the shake and abnormal sound generated by the wiper. As well as improve the efficiency when wiping and service life of the wiper. Many people have doubts that can we finish the windshield maintenance after removing the oil film from the glass? Of course not!

You need to use a Nano Fluorine glass water repellent coating on the clean windshield to fill the invisible pores on the glass and form a protective layer. When the raindrop touches the glass surface, water drops will be formed immediately and slide down. You can keep the driving vision clear without turning on the wiper when high-speed driving.

It also has antifouling functions, so that the dirt is not easily adsorbed on the glass and more effective by decreasing of the film produced. Clean car windshield not only provides a clear sight, but also increase the safety and security of driving.


(After removing the oil film, the clean windshield with water repellent effect)


The aforementioned the Nano Fluorine layer to protect the windshield.

You must be very curious about what is Fluorine? Fluorine is a chemical element that is often used as a surfactant in industrial applications for waterproofing and rust prevention.

VANGUARD has innovatively developed Nano Fluorine molecular coating agent and Fluorine molecular self-cleaning coating agent.

First, clean the oil film on the windshield thoroughly then use a chemical reaction to form the Nano Fluorine layer on the windshield. The water repellent effect can last for a long time up to 12 months. The Nano Fluorine layer can avoid weather, artificial, and other external factors affecting the water repellent effect. You can also use its excellent hydrophobic and oleophobic ability to reduce oil film adhesion and clean the dirt on glass at the same time. It is great to have windshield cleaning and protection at one time. Besides, if you want to enhance effects, you can add car window water repellent to your car detailing process because it can prevent much water from adhering to your car windows.

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The operation method is simple and suitable for all car players to DIY by themselves.

  1. Clean the windshield first.
  2. Take out the Fluorine molecular self-cleaning coating agent (agent A). Then take the enclosed cleaning sponge. Dampened with a suitable amount of A-agent about 5-10 drops.
  3. Apply it on the windshield back and forth in a tic-tac-toe pattern then evenly wipe on the windshield.
  4. After coating, please use the clean microfiber cloth to wipe and stay for 10 minutes after agent A is dried.
  5. Use the Nano Fluorine molecular coating agent (agent B) afterwards. Apply agent B with a suitable amount on the sponge about 5-10 drops.
  6. Apply it on the windshield back and forth in a tic-tac-toe pattern then evenly wipe on the windshield.
  7. Let the agent B stay for 10 minutes after application and wait for agent B to dry as well. Then polish with the clean microfiber cloth.

※ If it is difficult to wipe, please wipe the microfiber cloth with water!

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