Product Name : Car Wash Club Super Popular Interior Nano Cleaning Brush
Product Description
  • Can effectively clean all leather products such as leather seat, control panel, home leather sofa , leather garment and other leather products.
  • Fine hair can penetrate deep into the cushion and resin pores to quickly remove the dirt. The bristles are soft and do not damage the leather surface. The ergonomic streamline grip design makes it easy to use.


  • J8070


  • 4717954993055


  • 5×12×3.5cm


  • Taiwan
  • Use with cleaning agent for the leather wear
  • Use the Nano Cleaning Brush to wipe the surface repeatedly, and the dirt will dissolve quickly.
  • Wipe clean with a fresh microfiber cloth.
  • There is no oil residue and have waterproof effect after use. It refreshes the leather surface.
  • Product: Car Wash Club - Super Popular – Interior Nano Cleaning Brush
  • Material: EVA, ultra-fine fiber cloth
  • Size: 5 × 12 × 3.5cm
  • Hair length: 2mm
  • Origin: Taiwan
  • Please use with cleaning detergent.
  • If there is eco-friendly interior material in the car, please use neutral eco-friendly detergent carefully.