Product Name : Vanguard Ice Non Fast Spray
Product Description
  • Suitable for sultry indoor space in summer. Effective at reducing the indoor temperature . Keep it cool inside.
  • Effectively reduce the load of air-conditioning systems and the consumption of gasoline.
  • Effective at refreshing by nature orange and mint scent.

Model No.

  • RH-5023


  • 4717954990771


  • 300g


  • Taiwan

Expiration date

  • 5 years
  • Open the window.
  • Spray evenly in indoor space. (reference:generally reduce 5-15 ℃)
  • Product name:Vanguard ice -non fast spray
  • Frangrance :orange and mint
  • Weight :300g
  • Origin:Made In Taiwan
  • Expiration date:5 years
  • Store it under the cool and shade with good ventilation.
  • Please seek doctor immediately and do not force to emetic if ate the product accidentally.