Product Name : Vanguard 1942 Fighter Aircraft Perfume
Product Description
  • Made of aluminum alloy. The texture is extraordinary.
  • Color LED lights create a great atmosphere.
  • Orange and mint fragrance keeps indoor space smelling fresh for days.

Model No.

  • VG-1942R Red
  • VG-1942G Gold
  • VG-1942S Silver


  • VG-1942R 4717954994021
  • VG-1942G 4717954994038
  • VG-1942S 4717954994045


  • China

Expiration date

  • 5 years
  • unscrew the perfume lid and separate it.
  • Place the scent piece on the bottom of the machine and snap the black shims down into the center of the center.
  • Place the patterned side of the LED light box on the gasket.
  • Lock the handpiece and test if it can be used normally.
  • Product name:Vanguard 1942 fighter aircraft perfume
  • Material: brass. aluminum alloy.silicone
  • Size:50*30mm
  • Expiration date: 5 years
  • Origin:Made In China
  • Store it under the cool and shade with good ventilation.