In the car wax market, Carnauba Wax is always the NO.1 choice for everyone! Therefore, what makes Carnauba Wax stay NO.1 status for auto wax application? And what is the function of Carnauba Wax? How to choose the BEST Carnauba Wax? Let car wax manufacturers - Vanguard introduce it and give you guidance.

Where does the Carnauba Wax come from?

Carnauba Wax is the natural planted wax and it comes from the tropical countries. The locals refine the Carnauba Wax from the leaves’ surface of Hemp-palm tree.

In addition, Carnauba Wax is made from Brazil of South American in majority. Brazil is close to the equator and Atlantic Ocean is nearby. As Brazil is in such a special environment, it can produce the high-quality Carnauba Wax.

Moreover, the reason why people call this ‘Brazilian Carnauba Wax’ is the place of origin is from Brazil. Therefore, we can ‘Brazilian Wax’ and ‘Brazilian Carnauba Wax’.


(Palm tree from tropical)


(High quality refining Carnauba Wax)

The introduction of Carnauba Wax

Carnauba Wax is the natural planted wax. What is the advantage of Carnauba Wax?

What makes plenty of suppliers use the Carnauba Wax as their No.1 popular and premium products?

It is because Carnauba wax has great hardness and high glossy at the same time.

Great hardness is the element to protect the car body paint and to reduce the dirt and sandstone rubbing.

High glossy makes the car look shinier and lot of people loves this effect.

The above strong points make the status of ‘Carnauba Wax” is always the BEST choice of premium car wax.

Carnauba Wax is divided by 3 levels after refining.

The 1st level of carnauba material is the purest and prettiest! It is mainly used on the cosmetic, food and car wax. The other 2 levels of carnauba wax have many impurities and they always used on non-human touching products or Industrial applications. As a result, the 1st level of carnauba material is the ONLY choice for the best carnauba wax.

Feature of Carnauba Wax

The important feature of a great Carnauba Wax must have ‘High glossy, Antifouling, Water Repellency, Operational and durable’ effect! You will be confused why Carnauba Wax has so many advantages, won’t you?

Hemp-palm lives in the high temperature and rainy environment and it is easy to suffered the UV-rays. Thus, the refined wax can reach high temperature resistant, water repellent and UV resistance. Furthermore, the feature of waterdrop slip quickly on the hemp-palm leaves increase the smoothness and air permeability.

These natural features make a brilliant ‘Carnauba Wax’ born to the word!


(Hemp-palm leaves are waterproof)

The car protection from Carnauba Wax

Gloss ─ ★★★★☆

Applying the breathability of Carnauba Wax to painting car will make the wax not to adhere to the car body surface, Instead, it further moisturizes the paint and make the color of the car paint more dazzling and shinier. Moreover, the Carnauba Wax enhance the waterproof on the paint.

Antifouling ─ ★★★★☆

The hardness and smoothness of hemp-palm is used for car paint protection, which can provide better lubricant of the paint surface and reduce the coefficient of friction. On the one hand, the dust and sand attached to the paint can be easily washed away during cleaning. On the other hand, the dirtier pollutants will slip on the car paint and enhance the antifouling effect when driving.

Water Repellency ─ ★★★★☆

Carnauba Wax provides good hydrophobic effect and allows rain to form waterdrop on the paint easily. As long as the water is sprayed onto the paint, it will quickly flow down one by one.

Operational ─ ★★★★☆

The prepared Carnauba Wax generally needs only a thin layer when waxing. Because it has high temperature resistance, there is no need to worry about it will dry too fast and it takes too much effort to wax. Both novice and veteran can use it easily!

Durability ─ ★★★★☆

Due to hemp-palm contains high temperature and UV resistance, it can be applied on the paint of automobiles. It can effectively prevent the damage of ultraviolet rays, high temperature and acid rain on the car paint. Carnauba wax has strict molecular structure. Whether you do car washing frequently or under the heavy rain, the protection provided by Carnauba wax is still durable and effective. Moreover, if heavy rain usually bothers you, Vanguard car rain repellent is also one of your best options!

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