Product Name : Vanguard OUT Water Repellent Glass Coating
Product Description
  • formed a smooth water repellent glass coating with simply rub and wipe.
  • Water repels when driving at a 50km speed and over.
  • With the car window water repellent, it can dramatically enhance the clear view from the windshield.

Model No.

  • RH-5013


  • 4717954990535


  • 160ml


  • japan


  • 12
  • Use glass cleaner to clean the glass surface and wipe dry
  • Pour repellent to the applicator sponge and wipe the glass up and down then side to side to ensure the glass is well covered.
  • Wait for 5-8 minutes to alllow the water repellent to dry to complete the chemical bonding.
  • Wipe the glass with a damp microfiber cloth till the shine surface.
  • Product Name:Vanguard OUT water repellent glass coating
  • Capacity:160 ml
  • Ingredients: silicon polymer, alcohol, refined water
  • Origin : japan imported ingredients ,packed in Taiwan
  • Use it under the cool and shade with good ventilation.
  • Please wear gloves when apply it if skin sensitives or need to use for long time.
  • Please seek doctor immediately and do not force to emetic if ate the product accidentally.